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Newly Weds

If you want to have the fairytale wedding with the bells & churches - look no further. I have been conducting religious weddings for over 30 years!

Wedding Portrait
Personalized Ceremonies

Personalized ceremonies put the focus on you. I work with you to determine what exactly that you're looking for.

Gay Couple on their Wedding

It's my personal philosophy that love always wins. I proudly perform weddings for anyone despite their sexual or gender orientation. Love is love.



Holding Hands
Just You

This is the most simple type of package that I offer. You pick a place to meet me, we say the vows and then it's official!

Wedding Toast
You + Witnesses

Bring a couple of your closest friends or relatives so that they can witness you as you say "I Do".

Wedding Family Photos

This is the kind of wedding for those of you that want a very small amount of people to share this special moment with.



Just Married
Spiritual Ceremony

If you want a special ceremony, then this type of wedding is for you!

Bridal Fashion

Whether you want your wedding in camouflage or want a Star Wars themed corsage, or like Halloween or Christmas, we can cater to anyone's wishlist.

Wedding Party

If you're having a party that you are dreading, spruce it up with a pop-up wedding. The newest trend is to surprise your peers. They'll be talking about it for many years.

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